Southwest Soccer Club

High School Program

High School Program

Southwest Soccer Club is excited to announce our merger with NWC Alliance, Oakwood United Soccer club and joined Dayton Players Academy to provide a comprehensive High School Soccer program. 

These three community based programs have merged their player pools as the players reach the U15 level.  This merger will allow the Dayton Players Academy to provide several levels of elite soccer to the smaller communities and give players more options for competitive play. The Dayton Players Academy (DPA) is committed to providing the Dayton area with a
truly ‘player-centered’ approach to soccer development. 

Transitioning to a high school platform (U15-U19) to enable players to take desired, appropriate, effective next-steps in their development.  Our mission is to provide options for as many soccer players in Dayton as possible to develop on and off the pitch in an environment (and cost) that fits their needs. There is a loud calling in Dayton for the very type of high school soccer program that the DPA and founding Clubs are aiming to deliver.  We cannot wait to hit the pitch in the coming year.

If you have a 2006 or older player, you can register for DPA ( Dayton Players Academy) here.